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Scholarship application for high school seniors

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Are there special conditions affecting the ability of your family to pay your college expenses, such as illness, support of a relative or other member of the family attending college while you are doing so? 

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College Plans
Tentative plans for attending college

On a single separate sheet, type a 300 word essay which includes the following:

  1. Why you want to become a teacher
  2. Attributes or circumstances that qualify you to be a recipient of this scholarship
  3. Your educational and career goals
  4. The impact of your participation in extracurricular school and/or community activities

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Academic Requirements
Academic Requirements – All items listed below must be documented on official high school transcript

3.0 minimum

SAT test scores Reading and Math, 1000 minimum and/or ACT test score 22 minimum

Transcript must be sent by email from a school official, or a copy must be mailed by the school.

Official high school transcript with ACT or SAT scores circled.  FREA address on the bottom of website.

In the event the ACT/SAT scores are Not printed on the transcript, a student applying for this scholarship must upload/send an official copy of these scores along with this application in order for consideration.

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Please supply both the positions and approximately how many hours of participation for each.

Activity Position if Officer Dates of Participation

Please provide the position and how many hours for each.

Activity Position if Leader Dates of Participation


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Name * Phone * Address * Email * Relationship * Years Known *

Attach a Letter of Recommendation from one of the following: Teacher, Guidance Counselor or Administrator.

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I understand that if my application is approved I shall be expected to sign a promissory note each year for the amount of the scholarship, and that each note can be repaid by one year of teaching in an accredited public or private school in Florida or in cash.